Welcome to Macwhirter Locomotive 3D Printing Services.

Were we offer the highest quality in FDM 3D printing for all your business's prototyping and hobbyist needs, no job to small. Offering a range of various materials which include PLA, WAX & Polycarbonate with the ability to print from 20-200 microns. We only use the highest of quality of 3D printers, slicing software and filament. We offer hassle free and quick FREE consultations and quotes to suit your parts needs. We aim to quote your job within 24hrs. Your parts are individually printed to insure the best quality.

Email Us - luke@macwhirterloco3dprinting.com.au

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Macwhirter Locomotive 3D Printing Services was formed in July 2017 after years of been a hobbyist 3D printer. Based in the outer East of Melbourne our aim is to offer the best 3D printing prices with the highest quality possible for FDM printing achieved. ML3DPS only uses the highest quality of equipment and filament to produce the best parts. We are consistently working hard in bring the best and extending our range of products and services.


ML3DPS offers 3D printing that will produce perfect parts for all your needs. Our printer can print from 20 to 200 microns either to produce a quick draft part or a very high quality part that can be used straight away. A great feature of our printer is the dual head. This allows us to print very complex parts using a water dissoluble support material that leaves a clean finish on the part's surface. Another feature is the ability to print in two colours which makes for some eye catching designs!


ML3DPS offers a post production polishing service that will remove the natural layer lines left over from 3D printing. This service has an additional fee depend on the size of the part. This service is only available to PLA and WAX printed parts. Maximum part size: approx 150mm x 180mm. Please confirm with us.

Bespoke 3D Printing for live steam locomotives, rapid prototyping & architects for building project model printing.

Ordering is very easy with a few steps.

1.Complete our contact form and attach your files, we can them provide you with a quote for printing your parts. We accept STL, OBJ AND 3MF files. Other CAD files can be accepted and we can convert them ready for printing. Please contact us first.
2.When ordering please state your material and colour choice, micron setting, infill percentage and wall thickness. All confused by these settings? Don't worry we offer free consultations to get the best quality for your part to be printed.
3. Once received we will provide you a quote for the parts to be printed. We aim for this to happen within the same day, but a high demand may take up to 24 hours. At the issue of the quote you will also be inform of the current lead time for this part to be printed.
4. Accept the quote and a invoice will be issued with payment details and confirmation of a lead time.
5. After payment has been received your part will be printed and posted.

ML3DPS P.O Box 607 Gembrook Victoria 3783